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We get it. No one enjoys dealing with the cost, noise and disruption that comes with tree service, major tree trimming, and especially tree removal. You’re might be worried about the neighbors complaining about the road being blocked at times, the loud machinery or the potential of damage to property if the work isn’t handled properly. And let’s not forget, it’s one of those expensive home maintenance tasks that you try to put off even though you know you shouldn’t.


Well, fear not. Not only do we provide the best in tree service for both residential and commercial customers, we do so at competitive prices while offering peace of mind that the job is done fast, professionally, and with the minimal amount of disruption possible. 


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    Tree removal services

    Whether you need trees removed for a new project, poor tree health, or structural hazards, give us a call for your free quote.

    Tree trimming service

    Regular tree trimming is an essential service to prevent bigger problems later on. As much as it seems like a hassle and a waste of money, think of it as preventative care for your trees.

    Emergency tree service

    While we hope you don’t have to deal with a fallen tree or major broken tree limbs through your home or on your vehicle, we are here 24/7 because disaster can strike at any time.

    Tree pruning

    Tree pruning is key in a tree’s early years to promote healthy growth. In general, it’s a good service that helps make your home look more appealing and well kept.

    Palm tree skimming

    It’s important to keep the palm trees on your property trimmed. Not only are they a fire hazard but they are the perfect home for some of SoCal’s nasty critters.

    Tree stump removal

    It’s not always essential to remove a tree stump but you may not want it there, either for asthetic or safety reasons or you have better plans for the space.

    Commercial tree service

    Appearance and safety are paramount for a healthy and thriving business. Call us to schedule regular tree service or a one-off job.

    Land clearing service

    When you require multiple tree removing, ask about our land clearing service. We are the experts and know how to handle even the toughest of job.

    Tree Service in Menifee, CA

    When you need tree trimming, tree removal, palm tree skimming or any other kind of tree care services, Tree Service Authority of Menifee should be your first choice to call. We combine the best in work, customer service and competitive prices to give you the best service and peace of mind that the job will be done right.

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    Our team knows that to build a successful tree service company here in Southern California to serve the Menifee, Riverside, and Murrieta communities, you have plenty of options and we value the opportunity to provide quality tree services for both residential and commercial customers.

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    The team at Tree Service Authority of Menifee have been a huge help in creating the kind of experience I want my clients to have from the moment they step foot onto my wellness retreat. I always get comments about how delightful the outdoor space is to relax and unwind in.


    Tree service customer in Murrieta, California

    I’ve tried other tree service companies in the past but now I know to call the Tree Service Authority and they will handle everything. I don’t have to worry about prices changing or my neighbors complaining, this tree service company works fast and professionally.
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