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Stump Removal in Menifee

Have a stump that is a hazard, getting in the way, or just down-right ugly to keep looking at?

Perhaps you have a project in mind or someway to use that space but can’t because of the huge tree stump in the way.

Don’t stress about it anymore!

Give us a call at 714-280-7110 today and we can send our stump removal technicians out to take care of it for you.


A stump is usually left behind after removing a tree. Some companies don’t offer stump removal and grinding as the equipment is costly and requires additional training.

Whether to remove it or not is your decision, but it’s essential to know the repercussion if you choose not to get rid of it.

A tree stump can be an eyesore to your beautiful garden. It can also make maintenance and mowing more difficult.

Not to mention a safety hazard that someone can trip on and seek a potential lawsuit.


3 + 4 =

Beyond what your eyes can see, there may also be pests living inside them and can affect nearby trees too. That’s why it is best to remove them and not jeopardize the safety of everyone and your property.

We have been removing stumps for decades and have the experience and equipment for every kind of stump removal job. 

Our stump grinding equipment makes light work of those pesky stumps. We also know how to make sure the property around the work is thoroughly protected.

It’s more practical to leave the job to the experts instead of wasting your time and effort only to regret having to call a local tree service company anyway.

When you need stump grinding or removal, we offer fast and safe tree removal and grinding stump services. Our certified technicans and skilled team have the right equipment to assist you with your stump removal requirement.

We will also be happy to advise you which method works well with your tree stump. Rest assured that our team will guide you throughout the process.


With our stump grinding service, our customers may keep the stump chips if requested, or we can also take the chips if no longer needed. But here are few reasons why you should keep your wood chips with you:

Soil Moisture Retention

Wood chips moderates the loss of water in the soil, especially in the hot and dry season. It also keeps soil moisture when snow covers the ground.


Restrict Weeds

Wood chips used as mulch on the walkways restrains weeds from growing. This is because they get less sunlight, make sure to add the wood chips at the right time or you’ll end up not growing your seeds as well.

Manage Water

Too much water can runoff to your walkways or can gradually destroy the soil composition. Compared to other often-used mulches, the good thing about wood chips is they are more water absorbers. 


Soil Nutrients

Wood chips are organic, and once they decompose on the soil, they add nutrients and improve the soil structure. 

Repel Pests

Wood chips are taken from certain trees like pine cedar to repel pests. Good research or asking an arborist will help determine which wood chips are helpful as a pest repellant.



Natural Aesthetics

Wood chips blend well with the surrounding area, thus add a natural appearance to your landscape.  


There is so much use to your wood chips if adequately managed. If you wish to utilize their benefits for your lawn, you can speak to our arborist and keep them for you.

Our customer-focus service wants to make sure that you reap all the benefits of hiring us.

Schedule your stump removal now by dialing 714-280-7110.