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In the middle of a tree-related emergency in Menifee, Hemet, Perris, and surrounding areas?

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Trees offer a lot of benefits, and they add to the aesthetics of your property. However, nature can bring a sudden, unforeseeable event.

Extreme weather, like high winds or heavy rain, can instantly bring down or damage a sturdy tree.

This can be very dangerous to people and property, especially if a tree is likely to fall on a home occupied by you or your family.

Whatever your tree emergencies are, make sure to seek professional help to expedite the removal or treatment and eliminate the risk it brings. We are your local emergency tree removal service company available 24hrs to assist you. Our prompt and efficient team understands the importance of timely service and prioritizes safety and security. 

Call us at 714-280-7110, and our licensed tree service team will handle the situation for you!

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Essential Steps When Facing a Tree-Related Emergency

1 – Prioritize safety first

Before making rounds to check on your property after a disaster, it is best to make sure that it’s safe for you to go out. Check for downed power lines and other potential hazards.

3 – Never attempt “DIY”

Avoid taking short cuts if you have a fallen tree or significant tree damage. Never compromise your safety by taking the risk of fixing things yourself. We see a number of cases every year where the situation was made worse by someone taking matters in their own hands.

2 – Check the damages

Once you have assessed that it’s safe to go out, check on the damages and if anything requires immediate attention.

If there is a safety risk to people or property, you should call for emergency tree services right away.

4 – Call us (or your local tree service company)

We are the local tree service company in Menifee with the proper knowledge and the necessary experience to help you with any emergency tree removal.

Let us get your recovery process started the right way.


We are a certified tree service company that is the tree expert that you can trust in any of your tree-related concerns. We have passed industry-standard qualifications and are on up-to-date learning of tree handling methods and techniques.


Call us today at 714-280-7110 and find out why we are Menifee’s top-rated Tree Service Company.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that certified Tree Service businesses should follow for a safe Emergency Tree Removal:

  • They Have The Right Tools 

Not only required to have the right machinery to use, but we provide them with protective gear for their safety. Tree service work is hazardous, and their safety is as important as the service they provide.

  • They Follow Preventive Measures

Before proceeding with the tree removal, we will check out the affected areas and ensure no additional damage to other structures within the vicinity. They, for example, will set up protection if a fence is at risk or use necessary techniques to assist the tree when falling.

  • They Know The Law

Your local arborists are up to date on which Municipalities and tree status require a permit or if it’s under specific rules and regulations.

  • They Have Insurance

Arborists’ job is risky. Thus it is a must that they are insured. It’s both for their security and their customers.

  • They Don’t Compromise 

Handling a tree emergency requires prompt action, Arborist understands that the work needs to be done promptly without compensating for the quality of service.

Indeed, hiring a trained and licensed expert is a must for your emergency tree removal. Keep your property safe, and hire our professional team to assist with your emergency. We have years of experience handling tree emergency services and ready to tackle even the gnarliest of jobs.

When safety and property are on the line, get on the phone line to use for the team you can count on.