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If you need tree removal in Menifee, Hemet, Perris, and surrounding areas, give us a call and determine why our customers appreciate our speed, safety, and value.

Trees are one of nature’s beautiful presents, they are aesthetically attractive, and they add value to your property. They also serve as a habitat for wildlife and provide shade in the summertime.

However, a damaged or not well-taken care tree can be a liability instead of an attraction to your property.

Strong storms and pests are a few of the several factors that can affect your tree’s health. Neglecting the sign of a damaged tree can cause unfortunate events. Thus it’s essential to know when you should consider the difficult decision of removing your tree.

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Reasons to Remove a Tree

Weather Damage

Broken trees caused by strong wind or storms are hazardous to people and properties in surrounding areas.

Dead Trees

Aside from dead trees that don’t look beautiful in your landscape, they can attract pests and affect nearby properties. 

Compromised Tree Health

Tree’s disease may spread to other trees in your lawn if left untreated or removed. This is why it’s essential to have your trees checked at least 1-2 times a year.


Size and Height of Tree

Sometimes, trees become bigger and invade someone else’s property. Speaking to your neighbor and making an arrangement is always the best resort. Sadly if things won’t work out, then removing your tree is an option. They can also be a threat to power lines if left uncut.


Tree Service Menifee is your local tree removal company in Menifee that is dedicated to ensuring customer safety and convenience all throughout the process. Our certified arborists are available to assess your tree’s condition and will help you understand the process. We have highly skilled staff and the right types of machinery to secure the affected area, removing the risk of further damage.  

We want you to enjoy your landscape without compromising your family’s safety. Our passion for helping with your tree service needs is just a call away. Contact us for your free estimate!

Search no more for “tree removal companies near me”, call us now at 714-280-7110 to enjoy the below benefits for hiring the best tree service company in Menifee:

  • Highly Skilled Staff

      We take pride in our dedicated team, who have the right skills and are friendly to assist you with your concerns. Our certified arborists follow modern techniques and best practices when establishing and implementing the tree removal service plan.

      • Professional Equipment

      Indeed, our team has the right equipment to ensure we do a top-notch job with removing trees in Menifee.

      • Control and Safety

      Our team’s top priority is safety and customer satisfaction. We first assess the condition of the tree. Then evaluate how to protect the surrounding property during the tree removal process. We are prepared, whether a trim down is needed or a machine to assist with the fall.

      • Clean Tree Removal

      Our job does not end until after we have cleaned up the area. We make sure to leave your property spotless from work done. 

      • Affordable Price

      We have competitive packages among others, considering the quality of work we bring to our customers.

    Cost to Remove a Tree

    You might think that seeking professional tree removal services is expensive. But with so many considerations with tree removal, it is best to leave the job to experts to avoid further damage and more cost for you.

    Primary factors that affect the cost of tree removal are: 

    • Size and height of the tree
    • Safety concern (like powerlines, roof, and nearby properties)
    • Access to the area (obstruction like fences and road to use)
    • Permit (Some municipalities now require permits)
    • Additional Services (Clean up, stump removal, and other extra requests)

    What to look for in a Tree Removal Company

    Most people prioritize price as a determining factor, and that is understandable.

    However, there are additional factors too that should be part of the equation when evaluating what the real value of service is.

    For example, do they have the necessary equipment to do the job effectively and safely.

    Speaking of safety, do they have the experience and a good record of removing trees without causing damage to property or injuries.

    Lastly, are they licensed and insured?
    Many new businesses are popping up trying to add tree services as a part of a handyman or junk removal services.

    Now, if they cause significant damage to your property and don’t carry enough insurance coverage, or any insurance for this kind of work, have you saved money or created a substantial financial headache to save a couple of hundred bucks?

    When looking for tree removal, companies consider the one that is affordable but also has safety and service as priorities. Often, you get what you pay for.